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it’s tone locating and setting

兽性For Humanity

it’s goodness standard and grade

公司For an Enterprise

it’s core value and particular culture.

For PAG,self-sublimation which affects enterprise and staff is the main belief. Excellent Morality andSincere Will are the principle in the management of PAG.

About products, pursuit of excellent functions, technologies and modeling arts is the way of self-sublimation of PAG.

About Market, pursuit of professional services, solving the puzzles, directing the developments is the pathway of self-sublimation of PAG.

About Enterprise, pursuit of incorporating individual into team, self-perfection, reaching the success of individual, enterprise and society is the direction of self-sublimation of PAG.

So, all of these can complete PAG brand image that Excellent Morality Makes Eternal Reputation, Sincere Will Determines Your Stature.




Pursue to innovation, PAG devotes to reward excellent physical properties of door, such as anti-wind pressure, tightness, thermal insulation and sound insulation, as well as anti-theft performance, when matching his well-designed hardware. With perfect function and excellent quality, whole set solution can be provided after analysis on structure, configuration, and application.


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